Module C, much more than a plan room!

User-friendly, efficient and secure, Module C lets you quickly access a multitude of business opportunities and helps you collaborate better with your suppliers and partners.

Projects DirectoryProject Directory

The Project directory module is a plans room specifically designed to enable contractors and suppliers to access one of Québec’s largest banks of tenders for construction projects.

Find thousands of business opportunities easily, and save valuable time

General contractors, trade contractors and suppliers:

  • View more than 3,500 public and private projects annually
  • Download estimates for free
  • See plans for free before ordering paper or electronic copies
  • Order only the plan pages you are interested in
  • Stay up to date with projects you are interested in, thanks to automatic alerts
  • See the list of potential bidders (when available)
  • Benefit from a network of 16 points of service across Québec that provide plan printing

Répertoire des projets
Répertoire des projetsRépertoire des projetsRépertoire des projets

Invitations ManagementInvitation Management

Invitations Management
Invitation ManagementInvitation ManagementInvitation Management

Invitations management is a one-stop service that lets general contractors create, distribute and manage their calls for tender by providing access to plans, estimates and addenda only for selected contractors.

Simplify your management of calls for tender and save an average of three hours of work per bid

General contractors:

  • Distribute your documents to all your partners on a secure platform
  • Benefit from unlimited data-storage capacity for your projects
  • No user fee for all the partners who are invited to bid
  • Simplify the management of calls for tender and of your partners’ responses using an integrated dashboard
  • Add your private projects and post them for the ACQ’s 5,500 members for increased visibility
  • Provide free access to your tendering documents to the selected partners for each of your projects