ACQ Services

The Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ) is the Québec construction industry’s biggest multisectorial group based on voluntary membership. The ACQ is in touch with nearly 17,000 companies daily, and provides indispensable and diversified professional services for contractors.


Affiliated Associations

The ACQ is 10 affiliated regional associations located in more than 16 cities in Québec. See the list of regions served. Find the closest ACQ!


Take advantage of a legal consultation service by telephone, where you’ll get solid advice from our lawyers who are experts in construction law. Get answers to your questions!

Labor Relations

Our team helps negotiate collective agreements for the 17,000 construction employers in the institutional-commercial and industrial sectors, and ensures their day-to-day application.

Workplace Health and Safety

Get personalized advice from our team of specialists: financing, workplace injury prevention, accident management, training and more!

Prevention Mutual

Joining the ACQ’s mutuals means enjoying major savings on your CSST contributions as well as obtaining a range of advising services to improve your workplace health and safety performance.

Training Courses

Many training courses are offered at the ACQ’s 16 regional offices, in continuing education or toward obtaining a contractor’s licence (RBQ). See the list!

Guarantee Plans

Enjoy a five-year guarantee on your buildings of over four floors. Construction faults, defective work and hidden defects are covered by the guarantee. Learn more!

Integrity Program

The ACQ accompanies contractors who want to demonstrate fairness, honesty and integrity in their business practices and put the necessary tools and processes into place within their company.

Learn More About The ACQ

Visit the Association de la construction du Québec website to find out about the products and services the ACQ offers to contractors in the IC/I and residential sectors. Check it out!